Taking a break

December 6, 2007

Just a quick note that I’ll be travelling for the next 2 months so there won’t be any updates during that time. Once I get back expect regular updates and possibly a new theme.

Will do my best to squeeze in one minor update before I go. No promises.


5 Responses to “Taking a break”

  1. Dale Calkins Says:

    Hope you have enjoyed your holidays. I also want to thank you for a fantastic theme. I would though like to request some icons:
    -Mobile Scrobbler
    -Weather for 1.1.2 also does not seem to be working, though maybe it is just me.

  2. shaden79 Says:

    I love the theme and can’t wait for you to begin updating it again. I hope you enjoyed your vacation and I have a few requests concerning icons.

    Other game and utility icons that I haven’t named here

  3. TheBen Says:

    I love the theme, but it’s just not updating anymore, hope to see it updating soon 🙂

    Some requests:
    – CameraPro
    – LocateMe
    – Converter
    – BossTool
    – VoiceDial
    – PhotoDial
    – RealArtist
    – EvolutionRGB
    – Marble
    – BallFight
    – BlockPuzzle
    – ContraSense
    – iSolitare
    – iPhysics
    – PenguinPanic
    – Pool
    – iPac3D
    – Yeti3D
    – iAno
    – ShowTimes
    – BBInfo
    – Touchpad

    hehe, kind of lots I guess, but even a few from the list would be awesome!

    Thanks in Advance

  4. shaden79 Says:

    please come back and update themeit is by far my favorite theme

  5. ElanVital Says:

    I miss updates to this theme. I’m not competent enough to make my own icons… But yeah. Come update this again please!

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