Neue Mystique

November 14, 2008

It’s done, though not really. It’s out, updates as I get time. Enjoy. Suggest. Thanks. Download.



Update: Download template.


7 Responses to “Neue Mystique”

  1. […] Most likely a case of too little, too late. Lot’s of inspiration from all around. Includes 40 odd icons plus some alternatives. Permission for dock sought/granted from "beatoven". Thanks. PS: Wall looks better on the iPhone. Updates as I get time. Neue Mystique « iPhone Themes […]

  2. fan Says:

    Wow! one of the the most beautiful themes out there! thanks for the hard work on this, and many thanks for sharing!!!

  3. eunjung Says:

    thanks thanks thanks^^
    I’m happy to use this theme.
    I expect your next theme, too

  4. Scottie D Says:

    Thank you for this theme. I have been using it for months. Before finding this I kept wondering if anyone would update Mystique with a little extra something. Awesome work man

  5. bedsfleedyfekuolpe Says:


  6. Paul Says:

    Hi ,

    I have a problem with one icon in this theme , the “music player” icon is still the old one (the classic one ) and i don’t know how i can put the Neue mystic one ?

    Anybody ?


  7. linhui Says:


    I’ve just chanced upon this theme and love it. However, how do you use the template to create your own icons? I’m dying to do so.

    Let me know, thanks! (:

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